What is UNOJUST?

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The idea of UNOJUST -- United Nations Online Crime and Justice Clearinghouse -- is a response of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), U.S. Department of Justice to a long-standing recommendation of the UN Crime Commission to strengthen clearinghouse functions of the UN crime prevention and criminal justice programme.

In April, 1995 the National Institute of Justice joined the UN Programme Network and became the 11th criminological institute associated with the UN crime prevention and criminal justice programme. Pursuing its mission as a national and international broker of criminal justice knowledge, NIJ has taken a lead in conceptualizing and prototyping an Internet based vehicle for information dissemination and sharing within the UN Programme Network Institutes. The prototype system was demonstrated at the 9th UN Crime Congress in Cairo, April 29 - May 8, 1995 and, later on, discussed and approved as a model at the 10th UN Programme Network coordinating meeting in Courmayeur, Italy, October 14-18, 1995.

The Commission on Crime Prevention and Control, at its fifth session, Vienna, 21 - 31 May 1996, Draft Resolution L.7, recommended to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) to "adopt the conceptual design of the United Nations Online Crime and Justice clearinghouse (UNOJUST) , that builds upon the United Nations Crime and Justice information Network (UNCJIN) , as a model for international information sharing and dissemination and consulting with other participating member States and United Nations bodies on the information exchange policies, procedures and standards."

UNOJUST is both understood as an Internet-based information system, and a capacity-building technical assistance program. The technical part is an Internet-based electronic network consisting of the linked together World-Wide Web servers, including hardware, software and connectivity. The capacity-building part includes the initial technical support and training of the designated UN institutes' representatives, in order to develop skills they need to serve as Internet information managers (webmasters) for their respective organizations, beyond the start-up period.

UNOJUST started in November 1995 and is funded through September 1997.

UNOJUST is a United States technical assistance program designed to help the United Nations Program Network Institutes in developing technical capacity for global electronic information exchange.

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