UNOJUST Documents

Letter from Eduardo Vetere, UN Crime Branch to Martin Lively, NIJ of September 6, 1994

Response by Director Travis, NIJ to Dr. Vetere, UN Branch - January 20, 1995

Memorandum of Understanding between NIJ and the UN Crime Branch

Report on the UN Crime Branch Internet Capabilities, as of February 16, 1995

Report on UN Programme Network Institutes' Internet Capabilities, as of April 20, 1995

Recommendations for the UNOJUST Program Design of February 16, 1995

Memorandum of Understanding between NIJ and the MITRE Corporation, as of April 11, 1995

9th UN Congress: United States Delegation

9th UN Congress: Keynote Speech by Dr. David Coldren, OICJ, University of Illinois at Chicago

9th UN Congress: Background Paper on Criminal Justice Information Workshop (Item 5); also, alternative source in Canada

9th UN Crime Congress: UNOJUST Press-Release

UNOJUST Proposal for Funding Submitted to INL/ICJ on November 25, 1995

UNOJUST Budget Estimate, as of November 25, 1995

UNOJUST Action Plan, as of November 25, 1995

Authorization for UNOJUST Funding of December 8, 1995 (excerpt)

NIJ-INL Interagency Agreement of January 20, 1996 (excerpt)

NIJ-INL Interagency Agreement of April 15, 1996

Budget Projection (Revised as of April 9, 1996)

Minimum Hardware Specifications (Revised as of April 15, 1996)

NIJ Sole Source Contract with the OICJ/University of Illinois at Chicago and UNOJUST Interface Specification

Resolution of the 5th UN Crime Commission Meeting on UNCJIN/UNOJUST

Agreement between INL/ICJ of the US State Department and UNICRI

Breakdown of the UNOJUST funds transferred to the UN Trust Fund and administered by UNICRI