Suggestion: The UNOJUST site should think about adopting this section for their own sites, to serve as communication facility for staff and visitors. This can dramatically expedite the information exchange and save plenty of money on international calls and faxes! Feel free to explore Internet communication tools below.

  • Web conferencing tool It can be used as a bulletin board where you place your announcements, or a supplement to an electronic list capturing the most important parts of the discussion, or a document exchange tool. Unlike a regular Web page, it gives a user almost total control over online publishing. If you are working on the international project, use this tool to collaborate with your partners across the globe!
  • Internet chat When you need to talk to someone in real time, invite them into our chat room. A discussion which could have taken days by emailing back and forth, could be sucessfully completed here in 10 minutes!
  • Mailing lists In addition to our default mailing list, , the Institutes might want to set up other lists for subject-oriented discussions or distribution of documents. Besides, we suggest to have here a "list of lists", a directory of criminal justice-related mailing lists, with instructions on how to subscribe/unsubscribe.
  • USENET Newsgroups For the near future, we plan to have a directory of relevant USENET groups here. It might be a nice resource for criminal justice researchers and librarians!
  • Internet fax If the Institutes agree, each of them will maintain a fax server. That would allow for email-to-fax and fax-to-email connectivity. And the best part is that, since faxes will be going through the Internet, they will be free of charge!
  • Internet phone Similar arrangement for the telephone service over the data lines. Someone needs to maintain a phone server with a private channel designated for UNOJUST members, and the rest need just a $50 client application (e.g., WebTalk, InternetPhone, DigiPhone, etc.). Call worldwide for free!
  • Videoconferencing Similar to the Internet telephony! One server, 14 clients. Although the transmission speed seems to be prohibitive for users with 28.8K modems at this moment, it shouldn't be an obstacle for UNOJUST sites with their own dedicated high-speed connection to the Internet, as it is planned now.

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