UNOJUST Progress Highlights (in Reverse Order)

Last Updated: June 8, 1997

June 1997

  • Sergey Chapkey, UNOJUST Technical Director, is visiting Helsinki, to assist HEUNI with the migration of their Web site and online connectivity for the database on CEE Technical Assistance Projects;
  • Sergey Chapkey is conducting a training session in Moscow, for the justice information services directors of the Ministries of Justice of Russia and other New Independent States;

May 1997

  • At the Vienna workshop, Jonathan Winer and Enrique Perez of INL/ICJ, US Department of State announced their commitment to continue support for UNOJUST in the future;
  • UNOJUST training workshop held in Vienna, Austria on May 6-7, 1997, in conjunction with the 6th UN Crime Commission meeting; over 30 of PNI Directors, Webmasters and guests attended;
  • Mark Sakaley, Policy Advisor to NIJ Director, was named an Acting Director of the newly established NIJ's International Center;

April 1997

  • New UNOJUST Proposal for Funding has been submitted to INL/ICJ by NIJ Director;

March 1997

  • UNOJUST Progress Report is made on March 10, 1997, at the meeting with Johathan Winer of INL/ICJ, State Department and Jeremy Travis of NIJ, Justice Department; all developmental work done from March 1996 through March 1997 has been approved;
February 1997

January 1997

  • UNOJUST Development Center's server migrated from Windows NT 3.51 Workstation platform to Windows NT 4.0 Server;
December 1996
  • New UNOJUST Development Center's Web site is available for review and comments;
November 1996
October 1996
  • Jeremy Travis, NIJ Director, and Martin Lively, NIJ International Program Director, attended the XI Meeting of the UN Programme Network Institutes in Courmayeur, Italy and made a presentation on NIJ's expanding International Program and a progress report on UNOJUST project.
September 1996
  • Martin Lively, UNOJUST Program Coordinator, participated as a trainer, at an Internet training workshop in Seoul, South Korea organized by the UN Crime Division and South Korean Government; workshop was attended by 30 developing countries and countries in transition;
August 1996
July 1996
  • Charlez Musisi, UNAFRI Network Consultant, has visited UNOJUST-DC for consultations
  • 6 (six) additional computers and other equipment have been delivered to UNOJUST-DC and are to be shipped to UNICRI, ISPAC/Alliance of NGOs, HEUNI and UNAFRI
  • UNICRI Web site is up and running at (Fully Qualified Domain Name -- FQDN -- is coming soon)
June, 1996
  • ILANUD Web site is up and running at or
  • ILANUD has a new Webmaster, Victor Chavez
  • ISPAC/Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Webmaster visited UNOJUST Development Center for consultations and brief orientation
  • $95,000 has been transferred from the US State Department to the UN Trust Fund, to be distributed by UNICRI to the participating Institutes
May, 1996
  • UN Crime Commission adopts Resolution L.7 "International Cooperation and Assistance in the Management of the Criminal Justice System: Computerization of Criminal Justice Operations and the Development, Analysis and Policy Use of Crime and Criminal Justice Information" in which, in part, Commission recommends to the Member States to actively participate in UNCJIN/UNOJUST and adopt UNOJUST as a model for international information sharing and dissemination
  • Jeremy Travis, NIJ Director, participated in the work of the 5th UN Crime Commission meeting in Vienna, Austria
  • Sergey Chapkey, NIJ conducts a demonstration of the UNOJUST system for the 5th UN Crime Commission meeting in Vienna, Austria
  • UNICRI Webmaster, Roberto Gonzalez, completes his 2-week fellowship-in-residence at NIJ, delivers computer equipment to Rome, Italy and makes UNOJUST/UNICRI Internet server operational in a dial-up mode
  • ILANUD Webmaster, Adrian Araya, completed his 2-week fellowship at NIJ, delivered equipment to San Jose, Costa Rica and made UNOJUST/ILANUD Internet server operational in a dial-up mode
  • Martin Lively makes a follow-up visit to ILANUD and conducts on-the-job training for the ILANUD staff

April, 1996

  • A new Interagency Agreement is signed between NIJ and INL authorizing funds transfer in the amount of $175,000 to NIJ, to support the operation of the UNOJUST Development Center, and in the amount of $89,500 to the UN Trust Fund, to be distributed by UNICRI among the participating UN institutes

March, 1996

  • March 20, 11 am, the Internet server at the UNOJUST Development Center has become operational and is now accessible at the following URL: <>

February, 1996

  • $30,000 worth of equipment for the UNOJUST Development Center at NIJ is acquired; $20,000 worth of software development and consulting services is ordered from the OICJ, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • David Coldren, Director of the Advanced Systems at the Office of International Criminal Justice, University of Illinois at Chicago, joins the UNOJUST development team as the Chief Scientific Advisor

January, 1996

  • NIJ signs an Interagency Agreement with INL resulting in transfer of funds in the amount of $50,000 for the first phase of the UNOJUST development
  • The Rule of Law Foundation is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt organization with the District of Columbia, USA and becomes an organizational shell for the UNOJUST project

December, 1995

  • Ambassador Gelbard of INL, US State Department authorizes UNOJUST funding in the amount of $320, 000 in total

November, 1995

  • NIJ submits to the INL, US Department of State the UNOJUST grant proposal developed jointly by Sergey Chapkey and Martin Lively

June, 1995

  • Dr. Vetere, Chief of the UN Crime Branch, submits the UNOJUST Program Draft to the 4th UN Crime Commission meeting in Vienna; it gets rejected and the request for funding is declined

April, 1995

  • NIJ Director Travis and the UN Crime Branch Chief Vetere sign a Memorandum of Understanding about NIJ joining the UN Programme Network Institutes
  • The NIJ/UNOJUST team (Martin Lively, Sergey Chapkey, Don D'Amato) makes presentations and holds online demonstartions of the UNOJUST prototype at the 9th UN Crime Congress in Cairo

March, 1995

  • MITRE Corporation's task team (William Zeiner, Donald D'Amato, Roberta Hutchison, Robert Zakon) completes the first working UNOJUST prototype and demonstrates the system online at the 6th Annual Conference on Digital Libraries sponsored by the U.S. National Archives in College Park, Maryland

February, 1995

  • Sergey Chapkey, NIJ Visiting Fellow, conducts a 3-week technical assessment study at the UN Crime Branch in Vienna, a survey of the 12 UN Institutes, and prepares a feasibility report and recommendations for the UN Crime Commission on the UNOJUST program design

January, 1995

  • Martin Lively, NCJRS Coordinator, obtains a commitment from a Virginia-based nonprofit research and engineering firm - MITRE Corporation - to develop an UNOJUST prototype, on a pro bono basis; NIJ signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the MITRE Corporation on the joint UNOJUST project development
  • Jeremy Travis, NIJ Director, signs the NIJ reply to the UN Crime Branch offering assistance in conducting a technical assessment study, conceptual design and prototype development for an Internet-based clearinghouse, under a working title "UNOJUST" - the United Nations Online Crime and Justice Clearinghouse.

September, 1994

  • NIJ receives a letter a letter from Dr. Eduardo Vetere, UN Crime Branch Director, requesting technical assistance in the development of a computerized clearinghouse for the UN Crime Programme
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